24-7 Emergency Pet Care with Core Values

Rest assured, we are on stand by for you and your pet, around the clock. Whether it is emergency veterinary services your pet needs or post-incident monitoring and care, the staff at Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic has dedicated itself to bringing the wag back to your dog’s tail and the purr back to your cat’s meow.

Emergency services we provide to Rockville, Maryland pets include:

  • Surgery
    From bite wounds to foreign-body removal, we can perform emergency surgery in our comprehensive and state-of-the-art clinic.

  • Diagnostics
    We can test right away and get lab results in-house, saving precious time.

  • Radiology
    Sometimes an X-ray is all we need to determine what’s best for your pet.

  • Ultrasound
    This noninvasive procedure allows us to see what’s happening inside your pet.

  • End of Life Care
    Also known as aftercare, we offer more than a service. We provide a safe place to grieve as well as a respectful handling of the procedures to bring lasting comfort to your beloved family friend.

An emergency veterinary clinic is not only about pet emergencies. It’s about pet recovery, too.

Our staff has respect for all living things, so extra time and care is placed into monitoring your pet’s physical condition as well as his or her emotional demeanor. Should your pet need to stay with us for a time they will be monitored closely by our technicians and doctors and will get scratches and kisses from everyone.

We are also able to provide your pet with:
  • Oxygen therapy
    This form of treatment uses highly oxygenated air to help with swelling and wound healing, among other things.

  • Cardiac monitoring
    Your pet’s healthy heart is the biggest indicator of his or her recovery.

  • Specialized intensive care
    We offer a variety of other services focused on cost-effective healing.