Our Rockville MD End of Life Pet Care Is Where Our Passion Just Begins

The respect for all living things that is one of Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic’s core values extends to the end of their lives as well. When your pet passes away, we can provide aftercare services.

Details of Aftercare Services

Cremation—We can arrange to have your pet’s remains cremated with one of our preferred providers, such as Valley Pet. If you choose to cremate the remains privately, the ashes could be returned to you afterwards.

You may have the option of purchasing a decorative urn or box for storing the ashes. If you do not want to keep the ashes, you could choose to have the remains cremated with those of other animals.

Resources for Grieving Pet Owners

Our veterinarians and staff know that the mourning process doesn’t end after dealing with a pet’s remains. For this reason, we have included here on our website:

At Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic, we don’t just care about your pet. We care about you too.