Rockville MD Pet Surgery Specialists Available 24 Hours Every Day

If no other options will work, our veterinarians can perform surgery on your pet in Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic’s thoroughly equipped and up-to-date facility in Rockville.

In accordance with our core values, we will undertake any surgical procedure compassionately and with an eye to effectiveness.

Rockville MD Animal Surgical Procedures

We may perform surgery on an animal to treat a variety of conditions. Common procedures include:

  • Removing tumors
  • Repairing bites or puncture wounds that will not heal without surgery
  • Removing a foreign object
  • Trauma surgery
  • GDV or “bloat”
  • C-sections

Pre-Surgery Diagnosis

Before choosing surgery as an option, our veterinarians may employ one or more of the imaging techniques at their disposal to diagnose your pet’s problem correctly. Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic’s equipment will help ensure that we determine the most effective treatment.